(Canadian Registration Number)




About Mr. CRN

Mr. C.R.N. is the manufacturer's one stop shopping center for Design Registration and obtaining the required CRNs for boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping, and pressure fitting. Mr. C.R.N. will prepare any application forms that are required, make the submissions, and pay the required registration fees on your behalf. Once all the paperwork has been sent in and approved; you will be provide with a hard copy and an invoice for your records. 

Each of the 13 provincial and territorial jurisdictions in Canada have an individual Pressure Equipment Act and Regulations that govern their design, installation and operation of all types of pressure containing equipment used in heating, power, processing and refrigeration plants. This includes steam and hot water boilers, fired and unfired pressure vessels and pressure fittings containing pressure above 15 psig (1bar).

Pressure fittings such as: elbow's tees, reducers, flanges, valves, strainers separators, steam traps, hoses, measuring devices, safety valves, and etc; are normally registered collectively to cover a range of sizes. 




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